SAT March 2020 International QAS and Answer paper (PDF)第0张

SAT March 2020 International QAS and Answer paper (PDF)

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SAT March 2020 International Question and Answer paper (PDF)

Reading Test

Questions 1-10 - Literature - March 2020 International SAT QAS

This Passage is from Elizabeth Gaskell,North and South.Originally published in 1854-55.John Thornton would like his mother and his sister Fanny to pay a social visit to his friends the Hales in Crampton.

The article tells about the audition scene of a show, a picky interviewer likes to criticize the contestants. When it was the heroine's turn to play, she adjusted her mental and performed singing, but she did not expect to receive praise in the end.

Questions 11-21 - History - March 2020 International SAT QAS paper

Passage1 is adapted from a speech delivered to the Governing Board of the Pan-American Union in 1933 by President Franklin D.Roosevelt.Passage2 is adapted from Carleton Beals,The Coming Struggle for Latin America.1938 by Carleton Beals.In his speech, Roosevelt formally announced the Good Neighbor Policy.

The background of the article is that in the New York State Assembly in 1821, two congressmen debated which citizens should vote.

The first paragraph is about the people's right to vote. The author believes that giving all citizens the right to vote is an abuse of freedom.

The author of the second paragraph believes that all citizens should be given the right to vote.

Questions 22-32 - Science - March 2020 International SAT QAS paper

This passage is adapted from Todd M.Freeberg,Jeffrey R. Lucas,and lndrikis,Krams,"The Complex Call of the Carolina Chickadee.©2012 by Sigma Xi,The Scientific Research Honor Society.Chickadees are a species of parid,small birds that eat insects and seeds.The labels assigned to chick-a-dee notes do not correspond to human musical notation.

This article is about several scientists experimenting with mimosa to observe whether plants have the same memory as animals and humans.

The experimental method is to fix the mimosa on a track, and then let it fall naturally along the track to see if the mimosa can adapt to this fall. It turns out that Mimosa does have basic learning and basic abilities.

The experiment contains some complicated and difficult to understand vocabulary and details, which makes this article more difficult.

Questions 32-41 - Science - March 2020 International SAT QAS paper

This passage is adapted from Thalma Lobel,Sensation:The New Science of Physical Intelligence,2014 by Thalma Lobel.

This article mainly talks about psychology. Through experiments, the article explores why humans have a pessimistic attitude towards the expectations of themselves and others, and then gives an explanation for this behavior: that is, when people believe in people they should not believe, they will be hurt and impressed. .

The language of this article is relatively simple, experiments, theories and diagrams are not difficult

Questions 43-52 -Science - March 2020 International SAT QAS paper

This passage is adapted from Amy Coombs,"Down and Dirty."2012 by The Scientist.

The article is about 17,000 years ago, a huge rock rolled down from the hillside, but there seems to be no trace on the road. On the way the boulders passed, the moss and snow did not seem to be touched.

So the scientists first gave an "air cushion theory" to explain, that is, the boulder slides at a high speed, forming an air cushion between the road surface. At the end of the article, it is pointed out that the seemingly identical stone falls have different environments each time, so various explanations cannot be said to be completely right or completely wrong.

The language difficulty of the article is average, and it does not involve more complicated natural phenomena. The full text is of average difficulty


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