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October 2019 International SAT Test QAS and Answer pdf

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October 2019 International SAT Test Question and Answer Service Paper

Reading Test

Questions 1-10 - Literature - October 2019 International SAT Test

This passage is adapted from Anita Desai,"The Artist's Life."©2000 by Anita Desai.

Questions 11-20- Social Science- October 2019 International SAT Test

This passage is adapted from Colleen Haight,"The problem with Fair Trade Coffee."©2011 by Leland Stanford Jr.University.The Fair Trade movement seeks to help producers in developing countries get a fair price for their products,such as coffee,while promoting environmentally sustainable practices and the ethical treatment of workers.

Summary:Coffee is the economic lifeline of many countries. For many of the world’s least developed countries, coffee exports account for a large share of export revenue. Although many poor countries in the world produce coffee, the main consumers of coffee are citizens of developed countries. The United States and the European Union are the largest coffee consumers in the world.

In order to improve the poverty of coffee growers, FLO and Fair Trade USA tried to use the "price floor" mechanism to promote their economic development, that is, the use of benchmark prices for products. But these requirements have brought about the quality of fair trade coffee.

Questions 21-30 - Science - October 2019 International SAT Test

This passage is adapted from Paul B.Wignall,The Worst of Times:How Life on Earth Survived Eighty Million Years of Extinctions.©2015 by Princeton University Press.Approximately 252 million years ago,Earth experienced a mass extinction event,ending the Permian geologic period and starting the Triassic period.

Questions 31-41 - History- October 2019 International SAT Test

Passage 1 is adapted from Caroline H.Dall,The college,the Market,and the Court;or Woman's Relation to Education,Labor,and Law.Originally published in 1867.Passage 2 is adapted from Sarah Cooper,"Woman Suffrage-Cui Bono?"Originally published in 1872.

Summary:The first article is about feminism. Women do not value abstract rights, but care about voting rights. And it's stable voting rights. If there are certain restrictions on voting rights, women are more willing to enjoy a higher right to education than wealthy women. Only when they have the right to vote can women truly protect themselves; only when they exercise the right to vote can men and women enjoy equal rights before the law. Existing laws show that women have never really been represented. What women want is to express their beliefs in order to save women and humanity as a whole.

The second article describes that the vast majority of women have little interest in voting rights and are even more indifferent to fighting for privileges. This shows that women do not have widespread dissatisfaction with their current situation. Feminists have discovered that their biggest opponents are women themselves. Some people think that women are their harshest critics and the harshest judges. Therefore, they have no desire to obtain the so-called privilege of jury trial. Women have the right to vote and nothing will change. If congressional legislation can be used to make men and women more noble, then the prospect of mankind is really reassuring. Women are more likely to use their privileged status to sell their votes to the highest bidder.

Questions 42-52 -Science - October 2019 International SAT Test

This passage is adapted from Seth S.Horowitz,The Universal Sense:How Hearing Shapes the Mind.©2012 by Seth S.Horowitz.

Summary:The article mainly describes the hearing problems of tadpoles. Since the previous experiments were carried out in water, the water interfered with tadpoles, leading to the conclusion that tadpoles had poor hearing. The author believes that the experiment should be conducted in a natural environment similar to the living environment of tadpoles, and found that tadpoles actually have very good hearing.


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Reading Test

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